Kathy encourages You to tune in to and explore how You feel so that
You may cultivate and reinforce healing and wellness in Your body, mind and spirit. 





Yoga Cultivates:


· Strength

· Balance

· Flexibility

· Patience

· Better posture

· Contentment

· Tranquility 

· Joy



    Students Comments:


"You're all about yoga for your everyday life - in sickness and in health. You don't just teach yoga movement - you heal a person's spirit.  It's about wellness.  You are the best.  I would choose you over any other world master - because I believe this is what you were born to do - helping others feel good about themselves."  -Marsha Droz


"Kathy is a knowledgeable and effective yoga teacher and meditation guide who is kind, gentle and patient, even with beginners.  She meets each student where he or she is in their practice, then helps the student move forward.  Kathy makes the yoga or meditation experience more pleasant and rewarding by encouraging the student to practice with awareness and self-care.

I recommend Kathy Mucha as a yoga teacher, especially to those who have been hesitant about trying yoga for the first-time, or to those who have not done yoga for a long time." -Lisa Blacker


“It’s amazing – I had been feeling stiff and sore for two weeks, and yesterday’s session of yoga basically made it all better.” -A.T.


“I always feel great after leaving your class.  You really make class fun.”   -Kathy T.

Yoga is a Science


The yogic writings say that the purpose of Yoga is to remove the root causes of pain and suffering. 


How does this happen?  By You experiencing You.  By You becoming more mindful of You.

You will begin to notice more often and more clearly seemingly simple things about YOU ~
how the body feels, how the breath feels, how you sit, and how you stand,
how the breath moves thru the body, and how that makes You feel. 
Your yoga practice will free subtle energies within,

allowing amazing, positive inner qualities
to resurface in Your life. 


Yoga is a life-long experience of You, by You. 



Yoga helps Relieve:


· Stress

· Insomnia

· Aches & Pains

· Suffering

· Anger

· Worry

· Inflexibility

 Hatha Yoga with Kathy Mucha, Certified Yoga Teacher

Breathe Your Yoga

Give Yourself a healthy treat  -  Take a private class!

Privates are a great way for You to fully experience the positive benefits of Your Yoga practice.

In each class:

[ Awareness of proper alignment is taught.

[ You are encouraged to focus on Your comfort and stability.

[ Mindfulness and safety are stressed as you practice.

[ Guidance and variations are offered. 

[ All levels of flexibility and yoga experience are welcome.

[ You may challenge yourself as much or as little as you wish.

[ You are reminded to breathe, to smile and to be joyful.

[ Guided relaxation (savasana) finishes the session.

[ You will reconnect to something positive and feel better.


Gentle Yoga Class Schedule

@ Picturesque

    7196 Main Street, Bonners Ferry, ID       

Monday mornings:

 9:00—10:00 am

Pricing:  $12 drop-in. 5-class package $55. 10-class package $100. Packages valid for six (6) months.